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Democratic Underground is an Echo Chamber too

It is with a sad heart that I found out today that "Democratic Underground" is an echo chamber too.
No more "progressive" in some respects than redstate.org or blogsforbush.org.

I wrote the following on Democratic Underground (link here):

The swift response:

"Locked" means that no one else can post on this web blog.

It was amazing how quickly the moderators booted me out of Democratic Underground: within 15 minutes.

My response (which appears to have been deleted), to Misunderestimator writing this:

My response:

Yep, read the rules--What is "progressive" about DU squelching dissent?

Yep, I read the rules.

I was hoping that they were not enforced like the thought control Nazis over at redstate.org and blogsforbush.org.

Honestly, I was hoping for more from DU. Web blogs can have rules, like countries can have laws. But web blogs, like countries can selectively choose which laws/rules to enforce and which not too.

I may be incorrect, but you seem completely content to not question "the rules". But I am not like that.

What is "progressive" about DU squelching dissent?

Further what is "progressive" about never questioning the rules themselves?

You seem to answer my question, that yes, DU is an "echo chamber" like the repulsive redstate.org and blogsforbush.org, and worse, you seem completely happy about this. Aren't we, progressive liberals, who are more tolerant of others and more tolerant of dissent, supposed to be better than closed minded echo chamber conservatives?

I can predict that many supposed "progressives" are going to viciously attack me for even questioning DU.


As I wrote before:

"If I had a profile with a Bush icon in front of an American flag, and wrote that Hillary Clinton is a dishonest liberal, and listed all of the conservative hate groups talking points, would my messages be deleted?"

I think I am going to test my hypothesis, make up a new handle, and make a posting just like I explained above.

In regards to:

I hesitate even to give "Catholic Sensation" a response.

"Catholic Sensation" was was proven wrong about Cindy Sheenan spectacularly by me, and attempted simplistic Ad hominin attacks against me. (which my response was deleted)

Frankly, if DU is filled with closed-minded witch hunters like "Catholic Sensation", no thank you, I don't want to talk to or associate with people like this.

"Catholic Sensation" says he is “right”: but I personally have no idea what he is talking about.

Keep in mind..."Catholic Sensation" can post here at echo chamber, but I no longer can post on DU.

In fact, the moderators in a Stalin-like way, right now are erasing every single message I ever posted on DU.

Not only am I unable to post on DU, erasing every posting that I ever posted is disappearing.

It is rather frightening the Stalin-like words the moderator used:
“this person is no longer among us”

(Update: DU undeleted my message)

Point proven, unfortunately, DU is an echo chamber.

What is our country becoming when so called "progressives" are as closed minded to different views as conservatives?

Where is the REAL “public square for the open exchange of ideas and opinions” on the internet? (redstate.org Orwellian doublespeak is in quotes)

Where all views can be expressed?

Where on the internet is true freedom of speech supported?

Not on Democratic Underground unfortunately.

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After writing an email to the staff of blogsforbush, getting a response from Mark Noonan Senior Writer of blogsforbush, and responding. Mark Noonan wrote me a e-mail which speaks volumes about the narrow ideology of the writers at blogsforbush.org.

Final response from Mark Noonan, Senior Writer of blogsforbush

Uh, dude...the blog is called Blogs for Bush...

We're entirely biased and one-sided in our approach to issues...we're here to support President Bush and his programs. We are also benevolent dictators who entirely decide who shall post and what shall be posted. If your posts aren't making it on then they are likely transgressing on account of spreading known lies or being off topic. You might think you're on topic and telling the truth, but if what you bring up is remotely related to, say, the opinions expressed by MoveOn, Michael Moore, et al, then you are spreading known lies.

Anyways, keep trying - maybe one day you'll have another comment which meets our exacting standards.

(Mark's message also seems to hint at his own insecurity and "God complex").

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Orwellian doublespeak and Redstate.org

Going through redstate.org's mission statement and the posting rules I found some blatant hypocrisy:

Mission Statement

In the very first sentence:
In little more than two years, we have seen blogs blossom into a public square for the open exchange of ideas and opinions…

Since its inception, the Republican Party has always embraced a wide range of ideological beliefs. This diversity of thought sometimes inspires conflict -- but it has also led to great achievement...

Redstate.org will be a gathering place of responsible voices, stimulating debate, and constructive action, fully mobilizing conservative intellectual and organizational resources to create a strong and vibrant presence in the blog medium.

Contrast this with the Posting Rules:

A little clarification is in order. Pursuant to the mission statement, this site is explicitly meant to serve as a conservative and Republican community. Postings, comments, etc., contrary to this purpose fall under the rubric of "disruptive behavior" and will result in banning. You may or may not get a warning -- it depends on how harried the moderators are. If you are coming from a non-conservative, non-Republican context, you are still welcome here, but you must respect the site's stated purpose.

So the "public square" and "open exchange of ideas and opinions" only is for 1/2 of the nation, anyone else with divergent and contradictory viewpoints from the authors is banned. Yet redstate.org uses all the catch phrases of "openness" and "democracy" and claims that the “Republican Party has always embraced a wide range of ideological beliefs”. Redstate.org is not exactly the best example of the “Republican Party “embrac[ing] a wide range of ideological beliefs”

Can you see the blatant Orwellian contradiction here? How the authors talk "democracy" but they exhibit the tendencies of totalitarianism?

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This is the first web blog of "echo chambers":

"echo chamber web blogs--web blogs which only allow posting one narrow ideology"

In this web blog I will find and post web blogs which only allow those of one narrow ideology to post.

I feel these web blogs run counter to the ideals of open debate and democracy.
Instead these web blogs, by their very nature, foster ideological extremism and hatred.

I was inspired to build this new web blog because I had posted a detailed, factual message to two moderated web blogs, and the web blogs (redstate.org and blogsforbush.org) refused to post my message.

The first two web blogs which aptly deserves to be in this web blog is:



As the posting rules of redstate.org state:



My original message to these blogs is below.

Please let me know of any other narrow minded web blogs, of whatever ideology.

I will update and expand this web blog, and maybe award the most narrow minded web blog a prize.